Grade 12 Computer Science Note


Term multimedia 
The term multimedia is simply a combination of multiple forms of media which includes text, graphics, audio, video, animation, etc.


The uses of multimedia
Education: we can see teachers delivering course contents using different multimedia techniques in institutions, colleges and universities which help the students for clear concept and understanding by putting designed text, audio, video, etc.
Entertainment: multimedia technology is widely used in entertainment business. Without this technology, it’s impossible to make entertainment files, movies, animation, etc.
Business: business houses give the product information to their customers through newspaper, radio, online, television whatever it may be. But gives the information attractively using multimedia tools.
Communication: in the field of communication using different sorts of multimedia tools, we can communicate with each other very easily, like live text chat, audio chat, video chat which makes our daily communication like easy.
Training: we use multimedia tools and techniques for delivering information in the form of text, image, audio, and video for trainee in attractive and effective way so that they can capture the contents easily.
Web pages: now a days, website of any organization, individuals is quite familiar for presence on NET to provide information for the users. They give the information with user friendly and interactively to the users applying different multimedia tools by using images, video, audio, animation on web page.


Components of multimedia

Graphics or images

Abbreviations and its full form
WMA: Windows Media Audio
WAV: Windows Audio Video
MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface
WMV: Windows Media Video
MPEG: MOtion PIcture Experts Group/Moving Picture Expert Group/Moving
AVI: Audio Video Interleave
FLV: Flash Live Video
SWF: Small Web Format

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