Class 10 Computer Science Note


Cyber law and it's important

Cyber law refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and World Wide Web.

It is important because for the following reasons:

i. It is required to overcome the cybercrime in the internet.

ii. It is important for the eradication of the illegal activities done in the internet.

iii. It touches all the aspects of transactions and activities on and concerning the internet and Cyberspace.


Digital Signature and it's important in the cyberspace

Digital Signature is the mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or document.

It is important because it provides a legal framework to facilitate and safeguard electronic transactions in electric medium. It is also necessary to keep the uniformity standard and guarantee in all the activities of the e- sector.



Cybercrime is defined as any type of illegal activity that makes use of the Internet, a private or public network, or an in-house computer system.



Telecommunication is a system if transmission of sounds, images, texts or data in the form of electronic signals.


Computer ethics

Computer ethics is the branch of practical principles that deals with how the computer experts should make decisions in regard to the social and professional behavior. It is a set of moral principles that regulates the use of computers.


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