Class 9 Health, Population and Environment Note

Consumer Health


1. The person who purchases the available goods and services from the market is called a consumer.

2. Consumer health is much affected by the use of low quality goods and services. Thus, consumers should be encouraged to prefer standard goods.

3. Consumer health refers to that area of health teaching concerned with giving the consumers a background that will enable them to make sound decisions in the selection, purchase and use of professional health services and products.

4. Collection of food substances and methods of storing food have direct relation with the consumer health.

5. Nutrition is one of the most important elements in determining whether a human being will have a physically strong, mentally alert and emotionally balanced existence.

6. Adulteration is process or malpractices that consist of mixing, substitution, cancelling information about quantity and quality of goods and services, giving false labels, misbranding and so on. For e.g.: mixture of soya bean oil in mustard oil, papaya seeds in pepper, small white pebbles in rice etc.

7. The concept of adding non food substance to food products is not new. Various non nutritive substances are added intentionally to improve the appearance of products.

8. Food storage is the essential factor to preserve goods and services. The quality of food is affected by the place where goods are stored for example: in most of the medicine products it is informed that “store in cool and dry place, keep out of reach of children.”

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