Class 9 Health, Population and Environment Note

Causes and Effects of Population Change and its Management


1. The social causes for population growth are Ignorance, Religious belief, early marriage etc.

2. The economic factors for population growth are: Economic status, Unemployment and occupational status.

3. Gender advocacy is the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard.

4. The size of population of a place changes with time. Population is dynamic in nature. It does not remain same. Birth, death and migration are considered as the causative factors of population change. Birth and death are the natural factors and migration is the artificial factor of population change.

5. Marriage has occupied important place in any society. Marriage system has started sine ancient days on the basis of relationship established between male and female.

6. Providing food, clothes, shelter, medicine, drinking water, education, treatment, healthy atmosphere etc by controlling the growing population and to maintain the number of required population is called Population Management.

7. The process of reducing the growth rate of population manually and making plans to regulate migration in controlled way is termed as population control.

8. The gap between first child and second child or two consecutive births is known as birth spacing.

9. Marriage at proper age denotes the marriage after becoming physically, socially, mentally and economically capable to bear child.



10. Migration causes the population to increase or decrease. Internal migration does not affect the population size of the country. But international migration affects the population size of the country.

11. Climate and natural phenomenon are considered as the main environmental factors to determine the fertility rate.

12. Social aspiration and desire for son than for daughter is in fact the inspiration by religious faith and culture.

13. The status of women is very poor in our country. Many people think that women are only the domestic workers. Women spend most of their time by doing household works like cooking, cutting grass, bringing firewood, washing clothes, cleaning pots etc.

14. The unwanted pollution in sound is called sound pollution. It affects our hearing power. It is caused due to loud music, in construction sites etc. The unwanted pollution in air is called air pollution. It affects lungs. It is caused due to improper disposal of garbage and waste, burning of plastics etc.





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