Class 9 Health, Population and Environment Note

Caring for the Earth


1. Caring for earth is necessary because to use the natural resources sustainably, minimize he environmental degradation and pollution and to maintain the earth for favorable shelter.

2. The carrying capacity of the earth means its supportive capacity.

3. Conservation of natural resources and conservation of human beings help in the conservation of earth.

4. Earth is called living planet because there is the presence of environmental factors like air, water, land, forest etc. which provides favorable habitat to all living beings.

5. The living beings and non living things of the earth exist together. The soil, land, water, air, different species of vegetation, animals, birds and human beings are some related aspect of the earth.

6. Urbanization is the development of cities. With the development of human civilization, the cities began to expand in different places.

7. Earth is the shelter for various kinds of living beings including human beings. There are millions of terrestrial and aquatic animals.

8. According to the strategy of the caring for the earth, one million square kilometers of forest has been destroyed during the past 2000 years. The forest is destroyed for the expansion of cultivable land.

9. About 71% of the earth is covered by water. Water is found above and inside the surface of the earth. It is called hydrosphere.

10. The carrying capacity of the earth means its supportive capacity.

11. Rapid population growth and excessive use of resources have caused the environmental pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, land pollution are the major pollutions observed.

12. The food grains are essential for the livelihood of people and living organisms. Human get their food from plants, birds and animals, fish and other creatures.

13. People have to learn to live through proper commitment with the rules of nature. Respect for the nature implies the genuine behaviors and attitude developed towards the nature in such a way that the natural environment can be conserved in proper way.


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