Grade 12 Computer Science Note

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it's application areas

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science which is concerned with programs that solves and analyze problems intelligently.


The applications of AI are as:

Game playing: Ai emerges and gives new height for dull machines on the field of game playing. Some intelligence programming is far better than human brain.

Expert systems: it is computer programming to make decisions in real life situations. AI based computer system can decide and think itself for desired result what is to be happened.

Pattern detection: it detects most common patterns for authentication, for example thumb detection, iris detection, etc. This is most widely used tools for security purpose which once stored in database.

Natural Language Processing: NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with analyzing understanding and generating the languages that human use naturally in order to interface with computers in both written and spoken.

Automated operation: AI is used to automate satellite, space shuttle, airplane without pilot, etc. Without any technical human being, the system automatically handle a and controls the systems that are already set in that corresponding instruction with logics and mathematics.

Robotics: robots are used in many fields like in space, medicine, and research etc. Now a days, robots are broadly using in surgery for operation micro level surgery for operation micro-level surgery.


components of AI

Search: this intelligence is used to search solution of particular problem like possibilities of moves on chess playing game. Searching is very important and needs to be very fast and must search with accuracy. So AI based system is useful for particular problem oriented search easily.

Pattern recognization: it is used to recognize some type of figures, images or audio sounds. Its application is used for the authentication like face detection, iris detection, voice recognization, etc.

Logic generate: as the name suggest, AI is intelligence with creating logic in different problems. Logic in terms of predicate basis or whatever, this system creates logic for solving the any kind of related problems as per the AI related system and software.

Common sense and reasoning: the main goal of AI is to produce good reasoning power and produce logic. This reasoning power and logic made machines like human.

Learning from experience: AI programming is built to learn from the experiences like human being. Although learning are limited with comparison to the human beings and also depends on the programming language used.

Genetic programming: AI programs are used to solve relationship between humans. As we see in genetically there is inheritance properties that can help the future prediction.

Neural network: AI technique that mimics the operation of the human brain that refers to nerves and neurons, and comprises of densely interconnected processors working simultaneously that means parallel.


Ethical aspect of AI

AI can be used for good or bad. This is why it's important to think about what AI is, and how we want it to be used.

Some ethical aspects of AI are:

AI builders have an obligation not to exploit people's ignorance and make them think. AI is human.

Robots are not really your friends. They may be harmful for individuals. So developers should be ethical. Use of AI must obey the social norms and values.

Use of AI should be under the intellectual property rights.

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