Class 9 Health, Population and Environment Note

Adolescence, Sexual and Reproductive Health Education


1. The etymological meaning of adolescence is ’to grow to maturity’.

2. Adolescences are engaged often among the group of their friends and peer groups. They think themselves as matured and capable person.

3. They are highly influenced by the pressure of peer groups.

4. The curiosity level at adolescence period is very high. Due to this they become curios and immediately attracted towards other activity.

5. Adolescence is the period when development of sex organs reaches their maturity and the secondary sex characteristics such as menstruation, wet reams are observed due to the hormonal development.

6. Good health is fundamentally and intrinsically important to living a worth wile human life. Good health in itself is an end of all human endeavors.

7. The International Conference on Population and Development program of action defines reproductive health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and process.”

8. The seminal vesicles are two small fibro muscular pouches lying on the posterior aspect of the bladder. Each vesicle is about 4 to 5 cm long. It secrets a stinky fluid which forms the bulk of semen and which is essential component of seminal fluid and which keeps the spermatozoa alive.

9. The testes are the male reproductive glands. Each testis contain up to 300 tubules which holds up to four somniferous tubules in which the sperms are produced.

10. The uterine tubes are about 10 cm long and extended from the side of the uterus to the area between the body and funds. They pass one on each side from the upper angle of the uterus outward.

11. Menstruation is a natural and essential process in a woman’s life. It shows their ability to take part in reproduction. The first menstruation called menarche and the last part is called menopause.

12. Pregnancy is the period of being pregnant. In other words, pregnancy starts from the time of conception and ends at the time when the foetus comes out of the womb.

13. Reproduction is a natural process for the development of civilization. But it must be safe protective and healthy. The means and measures adopted for the safe, protective and healthy reproduction are explained as a reproductive right.

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